Balanced Buddy remains to be the BEST products I have ever used on my dog Tessa! I use the dog shampoo and bug off spray !! xo Love

Cathie Watson, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

I took the bug spray on my honeymoon to Thailand and could not believe I didn't get bit. The best part is the spray smells amazing and there is no sticky residue because the water evaporates and the essential oils go into your blood stream!

Melissa Spicer, Tampa FL

Black flies and green heads can be nasty in New England in the summer, and ruin a game of golf!

I tried the bug off spray one day before I went golfing and not one nasty bug bothered me. I bought a case of it to hand out to my fellow golfers!

Ron Moulton, Danvers MA

I absolutely love the buddy baby butt balm! My daughter, Lucia, used to get diaper rashes frequently but since we started using this balm diaper rashes have become a thing of the past. It goes on smooth and has a nice clean, soothing lavender scent. A jar lasts about two months! Once you try it you won't want to use anything else!

Tanya Valentine, Indiana

I'm hooked on the comfort body wash and oil. My skin looks younger and feels amazing! Balanced Buddy products are just what I was looking for, and I highly recommend them!

Jane Harlow , Tampa FL