We have one simple goal in mind: Healing Naturally.

Essential oils are well-documented medicinal- healers used for thousands of years before we had pharmaceutical companies, pesticides and products that harm us. The Balanced Buddy product line was created to offer homeopathic alternatives to everyday problems we face; bugs, stress, insomnia, mental clarity, eczema, muscle fatigue, and common environmental allergies, to name a few...

As most people realize, essential oils initially work through our sense of smell, but more importantly, these oils, creams and sprays are absorbed into our blood stream which make them very effective healers.

I invite you to create a new kind of medicine chest for yourself, and take a different approach to your health and well-being. I invite you to heal naturally!

Our products

At Balanced Buddy we use only the highest grade ingredients in our washes, sprays, balms and oil blends. We strive to combine the perfect proportion and combination of essential oils together that work synergistically to combat ailments, while capitalizing on the aromatherapy benefits of these remarkable holistic healers.

Blending accurately with the best ingredients, and in the right proportions, is key to arriving at the best result!

Safe for Pets

Safe for Pets

All of our products are perfectly safe for pets*, and recommended for maintaining a healthy coat and happy physical and mental state. My dog Lulu loves the shampoo, the bug spray for daily use, and the scar cream for hot spots.

*Cats have sensitivity to peppermint so the skinny spray and the buddha balm are two items that carry that essential oil, so I recommend avoiding those.